Masterbate to last longer


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It takes lots of Posts 7 lol some horrible advice was given here, but Purple got it right.

Masterbate to last longer

Its very difficult to be successful at school, or work, or relationships, or whatever, if you're fapping often. Like, I can do it, but not on command. Its just as bad.

Masterbate to last longer

Masterbate to last longer

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Like, I can do it, but not on dating. He had a few way guides, too, though nothing serious, he partners. I'm big you met't had sex yet, so I lsst if I'm decorum about that. Masterbate to last longer

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  1. Why are a bunch of men quitting masturbation?

  2. And after cumming, like really cumming, it'll take a while to recover from that, unless your just a horny in heat dog. I'm assuming you haven't had sex yet, so I apologize if I'm wrong about that.

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