Meet foreigners in manila


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Not all Filipinos are willing to go the extra mile to accommodate your whims. The sad part was, the guy was approached by a couple of other girls. From this perspective, I can see why so many foreigners want to outsource, or set up a brick and mortar business here.

Meet foreigners in manila

It was a work night, but there were so many people when the mall should have been quiet by that time. They cut people in line, berate waiters for not doing their request, and drive like they own the streets!

Meet foreigners in manila

Meet foreigners in manila

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  1. Perhaps, some Filipinos might hate me for saying this.

  2. What does an opportunist businessman think of this? Filipinos have been colonized for more than years, and this has affected the way most Filipinos see foreigners.

  3. Sadly, there is some grain of truth to this belief.

  4. How do I know this?

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