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I like how she dropped the pregnancy bomb at the end, almost as if it was simply an afterthought. It seems some mamas-to-be don't quite grasp the concept of Tinder. Then she follows it up by saying her Porsche is her life.

Meet pregnant singles

At least she's not demanding and obnoxious. Sarcasm is hard to convey through writing, but I assume you can hear my tone.

Meet pregnant singles

Meet pregnant singles

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  1. To expect someone to jump in bed or into a relationship with you while you're going through such a serious time in your life is asking a lot of someone who has never met you. I don't know anyone else who feels that way!

  2. The fact that she is pregnant wouldn't be the reason why I'd swipe left on her if I were a man.

  3. Join us and find your true love!

  4. Is she even allowed to use this app?

  5. Raging hormones, possible baby daddy drama, and a whole lot of baggage It's always seemed strange to me, to list out the qualities you're looking for as if you're intending to interview people for a position on your team of booty calls or prospective life partners.

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