Michael jordan owns prisons


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It means when a rumor spreads about Jordan investing in private prisons, people take it and run with it, regardless of its accuracy. People act like Jordan doesn't care, but above I just showed you he's done more than what most people do.

Michael jordan owns prisons

I am a huge fan of both players, but it's sad to see people try to tear down another person by making up and spreading all these lies. Revered by most as one of the most scintillating figures to ever step foot on the hardwood, Jordan has long been scolded for his silence off-court. But hey, I guess it goes against your agenda.

Michael jordan owns prisons

Michael jordan owns prisons

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  1. They just know the sneakers. When Jordan crossed up—and maybe, slightly pushed—Bryon Russell to hit the game-winning shot, my older brother and I rejoiced as if we had just won the AAU National Championship.

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