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The on-stage relationship, full of banter and guitar duels between Greger and Rehbein was undeniably authentic, not to mention wildly entertaining. The name was around before the project started. Even without crazy staging productions that some musicians have, Milky Chance kept the crowd hyped through their talent and energy.

Milky chance t shirt

Although not very familiar with the opener Lewis Capaldi, he certainly did an amazing job getting the crowd excited for not only the main act to come, but about himself and his own career. Would you say you were a "band geek"?

Milky chance t shirt

Milky chance t shirt

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  1. I've been playing in the orchestra since I've been playing instruments.

  2. But we also did all the other things like partying, hanging out with friends. They all play different instruments.

  3. You played jazz in school.

  4. The group also added a fourth edition for the sake of the Blossom Tour, Sebastian Schmidt, who made sure his presence was known on the drums.

  5. You could say that we had a really good education in music. Read the rest of the interview - here.

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