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And just asking questions like, 'How do you know when you're in control? Besides dumb luck, I'm not sure. And I post on my blog my favorites.

Mo willems quotes

A television is always the same size. What made you want to transition from television into writing children's books?

Mo willems quotes

Mo willems quotes

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  1. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. For me, it's so important to doodle and draw.

  2. Willems, who lives in Massachusetts, welcomes his fans' attempts to doodle their own versions of his characters. It's about trying to change the world, and maybe not being able to.

  3. And I'm asking questions that I don't necessarily have the answers to.

  4. I do have a couple of rules that I place for myself in my books. So a lot of my design work is reductive.

  5. What are relationships between people?

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