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With the highest floods in the Okavango Delta since , this wetland now throbs with frog calls and the honks of hippos. When I looked at his face, it told me everything.


One of the guys had a breakdown although our Land Rovers are very comfortable our roads are ordinary bush roads and can be hard on the vehicles. From these remote camps, guests set out with guides in search of a huge variety of wildlife. Share on Google Plus Linda Vergnani goes on safari to find a legendary leopard and her cubs.



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  1. The titanic battles between the Tsaro pride and the thousand-strong herd of buffalo are the focus of the Jouberts' thrilling documentary Relentless Enemies. One of the guys had a breakdown although our Land Rovers are very comfortable our roads are ordinary bush roads and can be hard on the vehicles.

  2. We find no sign of Legadema on the first afternoon. Mombo is one of the biggest camps and they say it is the place of plenty — not only plenty of animals but also plenty of work!

  3. It is like visiting Los Angeles and expecting to spot Angelina Jolie.

  4. Instead we follow a small breeding herd of elephants and watch amused as a minute, two-week-old calf tries to figure out what to do with its floppy trunk.

  5. An hour before our plane is due to depart for Maun, I implore Ithuteng to take us back via the route where we are most likely to see Legadema.

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