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Bruni d'Entrecasteaux's men were the first European to sail up the river and chart it. Mount Wellington was selected by many broadcasters as the site of broadcast radio and television transmitters because it provides line-of-sight transmission to a much larger area of Hobart and surrounding districts than any other point in the region.

Mont wellington

It is often incorrectly considered to be a dormant volcano. Read about the natural and cultural values of Wellington Park and consider things to do in the Park.

Mont wellington

Mont wellington

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  1. The cave where he lived is known appropriately as 'Rocky Whelan's Cave', and is an easy walk from the Springs.

  2. The site also contains a small kitchen area and contains some data links from local Hobart businesses. Crowned by alpine vegetation and dusted by snow in the winter, Mount Wellington allows each visitor to catch a glimpse of the unfolding panorama of rivers, fields, and the aquatic setting of Hobart city.

  3. The road to the summit was constructed in the early s as a relief scheme for the unemployed, an idea initiated by Albert Ogilvie , the Premier of Tasmania of the day.

  4. Observe the massive rock formation of the Organ Pipes and explore Mount Wellington Summit, a harsh rocky alpine environment affording unsurpassed views on a clear day. Note that the Park will be closed on any days with an Extreme or Catastrophic fire danger.

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