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Then a rogue sociopath demon enters her life with a bang. An exorcist by trade, Morgan is one of the few humans with an aura stronger than her possessor, even though her demon can tease her body senseless. Some people worship them.

Morgan kingsley

Demon capital of the world. Morgan is more than surprised to find kindness and amazing help from the council members she has never trusted.

Morgan kingsley

Morgan kingsley

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  1. Morgan knows only one thing for sure—she will not be caged like an animal in her home, living in fear.

  2. That's the choice Morgan Kingsley, exorcist, is given by the gorgeous rogue demon who's gotten inside her. If there must be a face-off, bring it on!

  3. As her stalker turns more violent, leaving dead bodies in his wake, Morgan turns to the dark side of her life: The victim's family is suing the daylights out of her, the Exorcism Board has suspended her, and now she's living on a diet of ramen noodles and bad coffee.

  4. Polinsky , Also by Jenna Black: Demon capital of the world.

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