Mos fishermans wharf


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My seafood platter was hard to discribe. The crab cake was over cooked and was close to being burned not quite black, but almost , so I just ate the center, not the crust, they were kind enough to leave the shells, I stopped counting how many after about half a dozen peices of shells. I ordered a fried seafood combo and my co-worker ordered the filet medium.

Mos fishermans wharf

I asked to speak to the manager, to give him my input and to question the tip, again 20 minutes later, I finally talked to the manager. The accompaning side dishes werent available, so fries were substituted, cold, greasy and inedible. He offered every excuse possible, then reluctantly offered to remove the tip from the bill.

Mos fishermans wharf

Mos fishermans wharf

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  1. The Maryland health department should go through this place with a fine toothed comb, I shutter at the thought of what they would find behind the kitchen doors.

  2. My friends sides were repalced by a baked potato. From what I saw, I seriously doubt if any of us got what we ordered, so it wasnt just me being pissed about our service.

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