Mount victoria blue mountains


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Further along the road is a sign indicating the start of the Berghofers Pass Walk on your left. Berghofers Pass About 1. Mt York lookout is along here to the left.

Mount victoria blue mountains

The walk is based on an early road which leads down from the mountains to the western plains. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy. The pass, no longer used for vehicular traffic, has since been included in a network of walking tracks at Mount York.

Mount victoria blue mountains

Mount victoria blue mountains

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  1. Here are large and elegant hotels and guest houses and here, only a few kilometres from the western edge of the Blue Mountains, are roads which tumble down the hillside to the charming villages of Hartley and Little Hartley.

  2. It is a short loop road which leads to an excellent lookout over the valleys and plains to the west.

  3. The walk is based on an early road which leads down from the mountains to the western plains. Continue down the road - about 5 km from the start of the dirt road - until you come to the parking area.

  4. Other Attractions in the Area Victoria Falls Although sharing a name with Africa's most famous falls, the Victoria Falls are much more modest and can be accessed via Victoria Falls Road which is metres east of Mount Victoria township.

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