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I am looking forward to Dracula and Frankenstein, but I hope that Universal Studios gets its act together and treats the rest of the films with respect and seriousness, which was so severely lacking in The Mummy. The discovery of the solar boats of King Khufu at the foot of his Great pyramid in Giza incited a new wave of Egyptomania in , like the one set off by the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in the s. This provoked the pagans of Alexandria to riot over this insult.

Movies about ancient egypt

He is naive and his judgement is poor. We sat down with Rafaelic to chat about his new book and the mystery that is Ancient Egypt.

Movies about ancient egypt

Movies about ancient egypt

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  1. Eventually Emperor Theodosius resolves the problem by ordering the pagans to evacuate the Library and letting the Christians ransack it, destroying all the books in it and tearing down the statue of Serapis. Sherif Awad Tue, Oct.

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