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Today is a holiday! If they really wanted to do a security check then set up a metal detector. The place was clean, the chairs were comfy, the prices were

Movies lebanon pa

Learn more 5 reviews. But they should notify us ahead of time, not after we've gotten our tickets and drinks.

Movies lebanon pa

Movies lebanon pa

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  1. Also I never got any bags checked here, so use that at your own risk. Learn more 5 reviews.

  2. If so, would I have been eligible for a refund, given that there were no postings anywhere about their apparent no-weapons policy? The absolute absurdity and over reaction of what they're doing is insane.

  3. I always research weapons laws when I come to a new state, and I found that open carriage of a weapon is not prohibited in Pennsylvania, other than in Philadelphia or, ostensibly, wherever there are signs specifically prohibiting weapons. They have absolutely lost a customer.

  4. Had I said no, would they have asked me to leave? I realize I may well be in the minority, as I have a predilection for wearing knives with my kilts, which I also wear quite often, though I work at Renaissance Festivals including the one in Manheim, which is what brought me to Pennsylvania in the first place so I suppose it comes with the territory.

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