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The first line contains condition names. Suppose the reference condition is the 1st condition in the expression data.


The first column contains the gene names. The seventh and the eighth arguments designate the reference conditions. Suppose the reference conditions are the 1th 2th, 3th, 4th and 5th conditions in the expression data.



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  1. The second line is the list of the genes of the bi-cluster and the third line is the list of conditions of the bi-cluster.

  2. For additive bi-clusters, the first line contains the serial number, the number of genes, the number of conditions, the reference gene, the reference condition and the average similarity of the bi-cluster. The seventh and the eighth arguments designate the reference conditions.

  3. The fifth and the sixth arguments designate the reference genes.

  4. Suppose the reference genes are the 10th 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th genes in the expression data.

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