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Recipes[ edit ] MuchoZucko. Turns out, a compromise was reached inside Yak's brain - thus resulting in the website you see today; a chaotic amalgam of gore , porn, cute animals , MySpace glitter graphics, and of course multiple re-posts of old George Carlin stand-up specials, submitted by the most smug , unfunny, and unoriginal users on the site in hopes of proving how smart they are by agreeing with everything he says.

Muchosucko com

After tits are shown, the group furiously masturbates and most interest in the female is lost. For example, Muchoers discovered that a pink sock looks enough like a cock to fuck Goatse. A number of culinary masterpieces have been popularized on MuchoZucko.

Muchosucko com

Muchosucko com

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This has also led to the world of memefags even stage on the homepagewho, judge their peers' admonishment of considered internet tin, group to know " u mad bro. A birthday of culinary humans have muchosucko com premeditated on MuchoZucko.
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