My daughter hates me poem


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But, for my own sake, I choose not to look for ways to hurt that other person. I don't talk to her to this day, she talks to my little brother every night and, I refuse to. I don't know what I'll do if I were to lose her.

My daughter hates me poem

Just know I always wanted you both and still my life is never going to be full. When I try to explain to her the reason why I am late or can't come she just says she is sick and tired of hearing me use my illness as a excuse. Praying for you all and your children and reconciliation and restoration in the name of Jesus.

My daughter hates me poem

My daughter hates me poem

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  1. I still lack the tools to deal with them.

  2. None of my family went to her graduation or even thought about her or even tries to find her but me.

  3. I have what is called brain fog.

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