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They always originate and move out authentically from the center of her existence. Just like the sun, radiating its creational energy to the lives that thrive in the solar system. Enabling, to me, has a distinct connotation, backed by certain principles and differentiated by certain qualities when used in connection with human processes.


While in the short run it may project an illusion of value-creation, from an eco-systemic perspective it will soon show up as a value-eroding agent. An intro to Neilism 'What' is said is never as important as 'where' it is coming from - the 'why' of the 'what'.



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  1. The enabler instead comes with an awesome 'essential' that emanating from the essence power of presence which radiates all around like a contagion to infect, inspire and influence all that lives in its range of impact. An intro to Neilism 'What' is said is never as important as 'where' it is coming from - the 'why' of the 'what'.

  2. If you can spot it, it is quite likely that you are a potential enabler.

  3. An 'ism' of ism-less-ness. And busting myths of 'rights'.

  4. When I founded iProdigy in , I consciously used the word 'enabling' in its tagline not knowing how loosely it will be used to mean almost anything and everything to do with facilitating, helping, guiding, coaching, mentoring and sorts.

  5. And most important is 'who' says it. She is through and through driven by the need for impact and keeps responding in course of the enablement process with approaches, frameworks and methodologies that are most appropriate in the moment to create the committed impact.

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