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Several inscriptions about Pallava rule were found in the Guntur-Nellore tract of the Andhra Pradesh. Nellore Chola kings[ edit ] This was the period when the political power of Nellore was at its peak and also reached its ebb.

Nellore andhra pradesh india

The early Cholas ruled between the 1st and the 4th centuries A. On 1 November , when the states were reorganised on a linguistic basis, the district came under Andhra Pradesh. The feud was on the issue of the rights of the two princes to use certain wide meadows as grazing grounds for their flocks of cattle.

Nellore andhra pradesh india

Nellore andhra pradesh india

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  1. Ganapati Deva, the first great king of Kakatiyas brought most of the Telugu area under his rule.

  2. Nellore played a major role in the formation of Andhra Pradesh state.

  3. With the dawn of the seventh century, the political centre of Gravity of the Pallavas shifted to the south and weakened their power towards the north. After the district came under the British administration, the jurisdiction of the district did not undergo any major changes, but for the transfer of Ongole taluk in to Guntur district when it was newly constituted.

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