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Some games within the Neopets site give out items as prizes, and occasionally items are awarded as random events. The pros would be being able to cancel at any time and possibly saving yourself some money. Neopets Shops Image courtesy Neopets, Inc.

Neopets sign in

Neopets Shops Image courtesy Neopets, Inc. The Web site is supported by the money they make through advertising and marketing, which we'll discuss in more detail in Behind the Scenes.

Neopets sign in

Neopets sign in

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  1. They range from simple memory games to complicated 3D action games.

  2. There are other ways to interact with the pet, however.

  3. At the most basic level, caring for a Neopet simply requires feeding it every few days. From time to time, the creative team at Neopets constructs a storyline that will help shape Neopia.

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