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In modern Nepal, women are empowered with possibilities to better education, healthcare and rights. The groom is carted to the wedding venue either in a car or a horse-drawn carriage.

Nepalese bride

Typically Buddhist couples will have a Civil Ceremony at a marriage registrar's office and then go to a Buddhist monastery for a blessing. Typically Nepali brides wear red saris, instead of red lehngas, which are embroidered with gold thread and dotted with sequins. Nepalese women, in general, tend to be optimistic, altruistic and are a showcase for Hindu cultural values.

Nepalese bride

Nepalese bride

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  1. The formal giving away of the bride is done with a Kalash full of water, mango leaves, pipal, palash, gular, arka, camphor, areca nuts, betel nuts, sacred thread, durva grass, and whatever else the family considers important. Whomever performs the Kanyadaan is required to offer a gift to the priest of the ceremony to ward away the evil eye.

  2. Also they wear a heavy gold or gilded copper necklace , called the tayo, which is contains a oval pendant and is often set with turquoise.

  3. Due to high immigation flows to Nepal and the ensuant wide diversity of ethnical groups, some women might have Indian, Burmese or even Chinese features.

  4. May they be strong and successful. It has an area of , km2 56, sq.

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