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Women, and particularly lesbians have been systematically silenced; and even when we have managed to write at all our work has been obscured, obliterated, or ignored and the indisputably lesbian elements have been pronounced irrelevant. Our lives are not a fetish. The Glide of Her Tongue via virgodura wlw-suggestion:

New lesbian tumblr

Before homophobia kink made its way to Tumblr, the fetish originated with porn websites that promoted violence against lesbians. Some of them have even posted images of mutilated lesbians and gay men, as well as snuff. If we as lesbians are to understand our own work, our very selves, then we have to continue to make our own tradition - I am about to say something odd - we have to be able to make our own past.

New lesbian tumblr

New lesbian tumblr

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  1. However, sites like PinkNews and Autostraddle have thrown lesbians under the bus.

  2. And a tradition is not just a set of selected facts.

  3. It takes arrogance and insensitivity.

  4. Some of the anti-lesbian porn bloggers are saying their goodbyes, some are still posting porn and waiting for it to be removed, and others are migrating to alternative platforms, like Twitter, which has hardcore porn on its platform with no system in place to protect vulnerable youth and minorities. When men do the selecting, it is this limited election that is offered to us.

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