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You will find that the cheapest Middle Schools-High Schools in any given school district are the "academic" ones. Automation is real, folks.

Nurse nerds

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Nurse nerds

Nurse nerds

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  1. You desperately need assistance to the bathroom but your nurse is busy in the morgue struggling to shove a dead patient onto one of the slabs. I think the story actually came from Cornell, but the same dynamic applies to public schools.

  2. The fastest-growing jobs through belong to what one might call the Three Cs: Not that I ever get that at any grocery store.

  3. There is no security in a hospital, so the flasher in room was able to freely walk into your room in the middle of the night and expose himself to you. Your nurse wasn't with you when you suffered a massive heart attack because she was at the nurse's station fielding calls from the general public like this:

  4. At the other end we have huge outlet malls like the one in Vacaville, CA, where all the stores are separate and out in the open. Every single change I've seen in retail in the last thirty years has done that.

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