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  1. He accepts cast off toys and dishes, has adopted the house cat Shadow and is forever trying to make her like him. Isaac was a handful!!!

  2. We left the leash on her so we could catch her to come in for the first week. Today they are best of friends.

  3. Bill says if Shana was a person she'd be riding a Harley. Since this man was known to Debra Barnes, as well as the Animal Control Office, Keith Hogge, who helped with her rescue and rehabilitation for 3 months until the case went to trial, the process necessary to adopt Miracle went quickly.

  4. Flora was found lost, confused and very cold in the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd. It's been a good day when they grunt as they curl up and go to sleep.

  5. Flora was found lost, confused and very cold in the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd. My favorite is a cooked marrowbone after dinner in the back yard with human company, in the event I need some exercise and wish to play soccer.

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