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This right-wing anti-globalist conspiracism fuelled the Bircher campaign for US withdrawal from the UN. The result is to give The Protocols credibility and circulation.

Nwo resistance

The Red Scare came to shape one of the core ideas of the political right in the United States, which is that liberals and progressives , with their welfare-state policies and international cooperation programs such as foreign aid , supposedly contribute to a gradual process of collectivism that will inevitably lead to nations being replaced with a communist one-world government. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

Nwo resistance

Nwo resistance

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  1. Wells promoted cosmopolitanism and offered blueprints for a world revolution and world brain to establish a technocratic world state and planned economy. Gomes , caution Christian fundamentalists that a " spirit of fear " can distort scripture and history through dangerously combining biblical literalism , apocalyptic timetables , demonization and oppressive prejudices, [29] [30] while Camp warns of the "very real danger that Christians could pick up some extra spiritual baggage" by credulously embracing conspiracy theories.

  2. By this logic, anything that is not Christian is by definition actively and willfully anti-Christian.

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