Oasis active sydney


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Friendly, positive, caring and loving. As i have been Starved of Affection. I will eat almost anything, except fish and mushrooms..

Oasis active sydney

Love to go boating and anything on the ocean,. Would like to meet a gentleman with similar values.

Oasis active sydney

Oasis active sydney

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Play a bit of dating and drums, just for fun. I advantage I have a headed on personality. I it in the Goverment and have been for 30years it is appropriate back and i judge with it all around Australia so I oasis active sydney be in your pro anytime.

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  1. One took my eye nokiauk. We were the same faith so I said to myself, what the heck and liked him back.

  2. I work at a abattoirs as a knife hand I have no kids never married and I have two dogs I like to go hunting with my friends when I have the time off work now I don't know what to say if you would like to know more about me ask and I well answer My Interests: I think it is hard to beat a nice roast lamb or pork.

  3. Some one who makes me feel I am as special to him as he is to me. This is a woman out to blue ball the majority and a waste of time.

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