Odds of winning sweepstakes


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Companies will send newsletters sponsoring the sweepstakes and confirmation e-mails once you enter some instant win games and sweepstakes. A winnable sweepstakes is one that gives better odds for winning a prize. So that leaves the big question; does anyone win these online contests?

Odds of winning sweepstakes

Autofill and Roboform are programs that help fill out entry forms without having to type the same information each time. Here is one example of a site that lists new sweepstakes every day to aid people involved in this very hobby.

Odds of winning sweepstakes

Odds of winning sweepstakes

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  1. The site searches for grand prizes and only publishes premium giveaways such as international vacations and home makeovers.

  2. I thought that would be enough to keep myself isolated from the contest solicitors, but almost every entry form mandated a phone number and street address.

  3. Play null I created a new e-mail account to use with all the entry forms.

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