Oklahoma cougars


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She has rescued several, including one last December. Kansas has had a number of credible sightings and in October, , a hunter got a clear photo in northwestern Kansas. Hair samples, tree scratch, and tracks indicated a mountain lion near the Canadian River on Feb.

Oklahoma cougars

They feed on deer and other medium-sized and large mammals. As I drove, its head and neck dipped behind a small sand plum thicket, but the shoulders appeared broad.

Oklahoma cougars

Oklahoma cougars

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  1. The lion killed three sheep in the pen, and dragged two of the dead sheep a total of yards to the fence. There is substantial evidence that indicates the species is beginning to re-colonize the adjacent Prairie States.

  2. Because mountain lions are reclusive animals, it's hard to know exactly when and where they are present.

  3. Mountain lions have preyed on livestock and sheep in the Oklahoma Panhandle and have been shot and killed, Brown said.

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