One sided relationship quotes


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Know when to close the account. You Initiate Most Communication Are you the one sending the text messages and making the phone calls? Not all relationships start out one-sided, but most end this way.

One sided relationship quotes

When you're in love, the only thing that matters is being with this person. Or would he or she only think about their own car?

One sided relationship quotes

One sided relationship quotes

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  1. If you are the only one initiating communication , you may be at a different stage in the relationship than your partner. You begin to feel like things are unfair when it comes to the balance of your love.

  2. If your partner is fully invested in the relationship, then he or she will anticipate your needs and take care of them for you, especially if it is easy and simple to do so. What about when you make independent decisions or spend money on yourself?

  3. Contempt and control can destroy relationships very easily, so if you are always feeling like you are being put down or looked down upon, you need to call out the behavior or decide if this relationship is right for you. You will be far better off.

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