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He never fired a shot, And Opened for and backed up all the greats for USO shows and received his 1st Presidential Citation for his service. From the largest Auditorium to your back yard. His soul is obvious, as are his emotions while performing.

Online saxy

Thus began The 7th Signal Brigade Communicators. The only advantage for Miss Morris, as she endured rising temperatures on a sunny day, inside the mainly black costume, was the protection the suit provided from her seeing the gazes of bemused shoppers.

Online saxy

Online saxy

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  1. A procession of customers passed by, staring quizzically, with only small children seemingly impressed.

  2. The costume's only opening was a mouth-hole, just right for the saxophone's reeded mouthpiece, but insufficient to keep the wearer cool. A procession of customers passed by, staring quizzically, with only small children seemingly impressed.

  3. Miss Morris said she made the suit six months ago for a design conference in Auckland, and was using it to raise money to help fund a study trip to China.

  4. Be it Love, Happiness, or sorrow, Ken's renditions of Sinatra never disappoint.

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