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You understand that your order for Services will be between you and one of the Companies, and that your order will be governed by these Terms. A beautiful brochure featuring many of the product choices will be included with the Gift Card. If you do not want to accept and agree to these Terms, you must exit the Website and not utilize the Services.

Ordermygift com canada

Lazybones cannot be responsible for limiting authorized users in any way. Lazybones also claims no financial responsibility for damage to your garments from items we did not successfully remove from garments prior to cleaning.

Ordermygift com canada

Ordermygift com canada

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  1. You understand that your order for Services will be between you and one of the Companies, and that your order will be governed by these Terms.

  2. No refunds are available for dry cleaning services or for "by the pound" laundry services.

  3. If a secure delivery location is available - specifically a supervised front desk or office - deliveries may be made to this location by Lazybones. You are at least 18 years of age and of full capacity to form a legally binding contract.

  4. In the event that a garment in question is custom made or of unique or foreign origination, Lazybones can only be held responsible for the value based on the insurance type customer picked. Gift Card in a decorative folder, with space for a special message from you; Full-color catalog album showing a preview of gifts in this Collection; Three easy steps to redeeming a gift at ordermygift.

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