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So how does a person find out who their tutelary orisha is? This seems to be the case in Havana more than other places in Cuba.

Orisha reading

If you are marked for receiving anything or you are going to take part in any type of initiation, make sure that there is not a whole load of people accompanying you. My first reading took place over thirty years ago, when the religion was illegal, Cuba was not a popular tourist destination and circumstances were very different. You should be working on your own self, overcoming your weaknesses and building a relationship with your ancestors long before kariocha.

Orisha reading

Orisha reading

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  1. Asking for an understanding of your circumstances is a tall order if the majority of your Ocha family have never left the street they have lived in all their lives.

  2. Someone that has time to answer questions and to teach and guide. Regular Misa espirituales have also worked for me and many Lucumi Practitioners organise Misa Espirituales on a regular basis, but I would not say that this is the only option.

  3. In addition to building an ancestor altar of sorts, researching things like your family ancestry and so on can be advantageous in addition to finding avenues that connect with your own traditional ancestry depending on where you come from.

  4. I mention trust again because Trust is of the utmost importance.

  5. Although only Elegua and Orunmila are witnesses to your true destiny, and it would be wise to let go of what you believe you want and need and allow them to pave the way for you to reach your destiny, it is also true to say that your Ori and a deep connection with your Ori and ancestors will ultimately dictate the course of your journey.

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