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For Bach especially, the suite form was a base on which to spin more elaborate sequences. Wagner, however, employs the word Vorspiel in the majority of his music dramas, notably in 'Lohengrin' and 'Die Meistersinger. A preliminary movement, ostensibly an introduction to the main body of a work, but frequently of intrinsic and independent value and importance.

Overture synonym

Many later suites included other movements placed between sarabande and gigue. The Prelude was for a long period a characteristic portion of the Sonata or Suite. Debussy's Pour le piano is a suite in three movements, published in , and his Suite bergamasque , revised in , is probably one of the most famous suites, especially the third movement, Clair de Lune.

Overture synonym

Overture synonym

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  1. Ravel is particularly well known for his Miroirs suite for piano and lesser known for Le tombeau de Couperin , both requiring tremendous skill and dexterity from the pianist. The apparent anomaly may be forgiven, out of consideration to the originality of the pieces, which whether they were suggested by his visit to Majorca or not, are among the most characteristic of Chopin's compositions.

  2. Arrangement into a suite can make the music more accessible and available to a wider audience, and has greatly helped popularize the music itself, such as in Tchaikovsky 's suite from The Nutcracker , or Aaron Copland 's suite from Appalachian Spring. Many later suites included other movements placed between sarabande and gigue.

  3. Often there would be two contrasting galanteries with the same name, e.

  4. For example, Corelli in his 'Sonate da Camera,' commences almost invariably with a Preludio, that is, an introduction of 8, 12, or 16 bars, largo or adagio, leading generally into an Allemande.

  5. In some instances, as for example Book I. Suites for orchestra or concert band usually consist of one or more movements.

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