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Zimtsterne - Cinnamon Stars A traditional German Christmas confection, Zimtsterne are cinnamon-almond cookies with a sweet glazed top. Audry begins with breads, her favorite to make.

Paczki minneapolis

The process can take all night, until they open at 5 a. Gingerbread Men Traditional honey dough hand cut with raisin features. Striving to create the most authentic Weihnachtsstollen possible, we use a spice blend from an artisan spice mill in Darmstadt, Germany.

Paczki minneapolis

Paczki minneapolis

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  1. The cookies are allowed to leaven and dry overnight, preserving the impression when baked. The plain round are perfect for mini turkey sandwiches.

  2. We make a special chocolate crust for this one!

  3. Brandied Fruit Cake All butter fruit cake batter, rich with almond paste, laced with whole red and green cherries, white raisins, and pecans.

  4. Well, not really, but it is authentic German Lebkuchen.

  5. A truly sweet treat from start to finish, where else but Bennison's can you find a cupcake, a donut and white chocolate combined into something almost too cute to eat. The two, with the help of two other bakers, do this Sunday through Thursday and work Friday afternoons.

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