Passionate kissing sex


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Not sure what you should be doing with your lips, tongue, mouth and hands? A much smoother way is to do it to him for a little bit.

Passionate kissing sex

While this is an almost universal feeling, many forget that guys enjoy it just as much when you initiate and kiss him. However, learning how to kiss your man is just the start.

Passionate kissing sex

Passionate kissing sex

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  1. Kissing him tenderly will achieve exactly that.

  2. So use each of these kissing techniques as a rough guide, not as hard rules that you must follow.

  3. You can watch it by clicking here. Just remember to only use a super light amount of pressure when doing this!

  4. The clinic took blood and send it to the lab.

  5. From here it is really simple and natural to move to being on top and facing him.

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