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A good peacocking reduces your flaws and highlights your physical qualities. Note that the countries I mentioned are still known for their bad and poor taste, it makes one think! One might also be tempted to say just like for the guys who like too much tuning:

Peacocking pua

Hot chicks in my circumference will say to me: Wear clothes that are interesting, with aggressive cuts and patterned fabrics. Decide what your tribe is — are you a hippy, a goth, a rocker, a jersey-shore type, or whatever, and own it.

Peacocking pua

Peacocking pua

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  1. Even if you dont have a handsome face like his you can still get his body type. This prompts others to interact with him or her.

  2. Think about the image you want to portray, and then go for it, moving a little past your comfort zone.

  3. I teach my students and embody 2 things:

  4. Peacocking is a technique developed to get attention in busy, distraction filled environments such as night clubs.

  5. For a casual professional look, go with gold, silver or something similar. It allowed them to make out because the girls thought they were the show bizz stars.

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