Peck kisses


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This way your bottom lip kisses their top lip and vice versa. Known to be one of the most romantic and intimate kisses between lovers.

Peck kisses

Use only your lips and do not suck hard to prevent you mouth from producing much saliva. This is why it is also known as tongue kissing.

Peck kisses

Peck kisses

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  1. Kiss on the Hand This is when you grasp a persons hand with your fingers gently and kiss the back of the palm. A jawline kiss is a firm kiss on the lower side of the jaw where the neck meets the jaw.

  2. You will kiss your lover much differently than that of a dear friend.

  3. Deeply sensual kiss that is spontaneous between lovers and exudes intimacy and eroticism. This way your bottom lip kisses their top lip and vice versa.

  4. It is done in quick strokes. This is a suggestive kiss that lets the reciprocate know that you are very into them.

  5. This type of kiss is usually done for fun.

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