Percentage of wives who cheat


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Driving through a blizzard up I in the back of one of their cars, and then they'd pull over on the side of the highway and hand off me and my brother without speaking. Marriage , Divorce and Break-Ups , Infidelity , Women , Race , Men , Religion The last few months of treated us to a whirlwind of news coverage on sexual harassment and abuse, with powerful men from Hollywood to Washington, D. So maybe now what women are deciding is that infidelity is a third way.

Percentage of wives who cheat

A generation or cohort effect is likely to contribute to this shifting gender gap in infidelity. Perhaps their husband is not giving them the attention and respect they deserve.

Percentage of wives who cheat

Percentage of wives who cheat

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  1. Average Time Between Marriage and Affairs The research revealed that women in different countries sought passion outside their own marriages at varying lengths of time after tying the knot.

  2. That was our Christmas.

  3. In Canada, the ratio of women to men is three active females for every one paid active male, the company confirmed with Global News.

  4. It was lower for both men and women at the older end of the age spectrum.

  5. My analysis by gender suggests that men and women follow a slightly different age pattern when it comes to extramarital sex.

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