Perverted would you rather questions


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Danny I would rather grow. Madison I had my bra strap fall off during Chemistry… It just sat there on the chair until 5 minutes I noticed, so embarrassing!! I obviously couldnt fix it and i refused to ask a teacher to go to the bathroom to fix it so i just sat there and waited and finally we were aloud out.

Perverted would you rather questions

Oh, no, I was just wondering if being attached at the neck would hurt our friendship. What do you do? That, in turn, will set your mind spinning with thoughts about how you too could have some of that glory.

Perverted would you rather questions

Perverted would you rather questions

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  1. But omg that was really weird. Would you rather have a time machine that only goes back in time or a time machine that only goes forward in time?

  2. What do you do? And finally, the king of all WYRs, the one that cannot be answered or rationalized or justified in any way; would you rather".

  3. Allison Schmitt is awesome—this gear is not.

  4. Idropped my pecil and we both reached down to pick it up.

  5. Please trust me on this one.

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