Pet friends of duplin county


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Official website Pet Friend of Duplin County - Promotes spaying and neutering, vaccinating, providing animal care, and companion animal welfare. Find new homes for dogs whose families can no longer keep them. They make every attempt to adopt dogs to responsible, loving individuals and strive to inform the public about the importance of spaying and neutering and providing their pet with good medical attention, including heartworm prevention.

Pet friends of duplin county

It accommodates lost, abandoned and injured dogs and cats, giving our animal friends a chance at life, an opportunity to be loved and hopefully a new and loving adopted family. A small family based animal rescue that saves the lives of stray, abused, neglected, surrendered animals and specializes in special needs pets. The mission of Diamonds in the Ruff Canine Rescue is to find healthy, loving, lifelong homes for dogs already born into this world.

Pet friends of duplin county

Pet friends of duplin county

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Pender Good Humane Society - A complex based non-profit organization disgusting by donations, memberships and alerts. The group of Diamonds in the World Canine Rescue is to find considered, loving, lifelong principles for dogs already disgusting into this world. Pet friends of duplin county

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