Philosophical conversation starters


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Or is beauty something else entirely, like a measure of usefulness Aristotle thought this… that a poorly-made golden shield is less beautiful than a perfectly-made toilet , source or just familiarity like this survey , which shows people perceive familiar-sounding foreign languages as more beautiful than strange ones. An equal society is just what is sounds like… everyone has the same everything wealth, health, punishments, rewards. A great question to ask colleagues and acquaintances to find out how they really feel about work, career, and life in general.

Philosophical conversation starters

An age-old question about whether it would be a blessing or curse to know everything. How do you know your perceptions are real? We all need peace, but where is it actually located?

Philosophical conversation starters

Philosophical conversation starters

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  1. You can use this question to launch into a conversation about where you are in your own relationship.

  2. Maybe every innocent human deserves those things… but what about murderers?

  3. A tsunami is about to hit a crowded city.

  4. Everyone has to wear shoes on their hands or everyone has to donate extra food to charity? If everything evolved from amoebas, how does the world still have amoebas?

  5. Here are 7 of the best philosophical and thought provoking questions:

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