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A facial dermal piercing will likely be small 18g , but a dermal piercing placed on your chest may be a little larger 14g-ish Earlobe Piercing Sizes - Most earlobe piercings start out around 20 gauge to 18 gauge. However, be extremely cautious of any irregular signs of infection!

Pierced vch

One variety of hood piercing is expected to provide added stimulation, and another type is usually just ornamental. After 1 week, if protection is worn Triangle The triangle piercing resides behind the clitoris, and is pierced side to side where the inner labia meet the outer labia. They do not add any increase in sensitivity, however are a very visually attractive piercing that can have a multitude of different flat tops.

Pierced vch

Pierced vch

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  1. You'll find that more of our industrial piercing barbells are available in 14g, but we do have options in other sizes.

  2. A needle simply parts the flesh, which means that it has a better potential for growing back together if you later decide you don't want your ear piercing holes to be so large after all.

  3. An indent where the pubis meets the labia majora is generally required for this piercing to heal well, allowing the bottom ball to reside inside the outer labia without pressure.

  4. Tongue Piercing Sizes - 14 gauge tends to be the most common starting size for tongue piercings, but 12 gauge is also a popular starting tongue ring size. We do not recommend smaller gauges for belly piercings because of the high rejection rate with this type of piercing.

  5. Septum Piercing Sizes - 18 gauge and 16 gauge are the two most common starting septum ring sizes, although 14 gauge isn't uncommon.

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