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I reported this Markus, forwarding the harassing emails to him as evidence, and you know what happened? Someone to share a meal with her and her young son.

Pof everyoneonline

Last week, a co-worker Linda came into my office fuming, an angry sneer on her lip and cellphone waving madly in the air. If I was internet dating, these are some things that would have me biting my fingernails. I was on Plenty Of Fish for a while, and I can testify that for sure, that Markus guy, owner of Plenty Of Fish, does not care about the safety of the women on his site at all!!!

Pof everyoneonline

Pof everyoneonline

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Very In Considered by: Xan, Mailing from London, UK.

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  1. Also, people get banned for a reason, some of them just don't understand that foul language or insulting other members is unacceptable.

  2. Everyone online sounds like a winner … at first. And I hope that it does get shut down, for the safety of all women!!!

  3. And even wrote me harassing emails through that site. Posters vanish from the forums banned for up to 3 years for as it was revealed to me from a number of sources only questioning a mod re a ruling.

  4. Kate Wilcox, Female from England.

  5. Someone to share a meal with her and her young son.

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