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And the functional nature of The Poly Life highlights just how thoughtfully constructed these relationships, including those that involve families with children, can be. Indeed, rather than focusing on meeting new potential partners, the Poly Life app currently available for iPhone and fundraising to launch for Android features shared calendars, group chat and multiple tasks lists — not exactly sexy features, but ones helpful to maintaining the intricate connections of some polyamorous relationships. We've all forgotten to pick up toothpaste or toilet paper at some point.

Polyamory chat

For the types of families targeted by this app, polyamory is just a normal, stable way of life. We've all forgotten to pick up toothpaste or toilet paper at some point. To liberals and particularly same-sex marriage advocates, we're often seen as a silly distraction from more important matters.

Polyamory chat

Polyamory chat

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  1. But casual hookups, importantly, actually have little to do with polyamory.

  2. We've all forgotten to pick up toothpaste or toilet paper at some point. The product was conceived by a poly family and app developer Christine Tseng to address the daily challenges poly partners face.

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