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Do you dream of being a comedy news writer? This story was written as a satire or parody.


The modern urban dictionary defines a "pooner" in a number of different ways, but a lexicographer who frequently makes use of the Bodelian Library in Oxford has turned the closeted world of lexicography completely on its head. To all intents and purposes, the pooner achieved a high state of arousal, and almost instantaneous sexual gratification from the act.



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  1. Utterly Useless To A Pooner.

  2. After completion of which, the pooner would once again conceal himself until he got his second wind, and another Victorian lady arrived and parked her bike. Clem Baker, of Abingdon insists that modern lexicographers have misinterpreted the true origin of the word pooner, by mistakenly declaring to the world that a pooner is some kind of enthusiastic sexual explorer, whereas the reality is quite different.

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