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This song really says it all and is a perfect choice of marriage proposal songs for you and your loved one to get all squishy to. It's a good one to blend into the background rather than taking over the moment, and yet the lyrics say it all.

Propose song

Marry you - Bruno Mars It's a bit more upbeat than many of the best proposal songs, but does that mean it's not awesome? From the lilting melodies to the meaning behind the words, it's just beautiful from start to finish and perfect for setting the mood. If you're keen to turn your footage into a more professional, watchable mini movie, you can undertake all the editing you need using Wondershare Filmora.

Propose song

Propose song

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  1. Let us help to inspire you with our pick of the 10 best proposal songs out there, tried and tested by lovers all over the world. It's a good one to blend into the background rather than taking over the moment, and yet the lyrics say it all.

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