Psychopathic spectrum


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Aspects of this that appear associated with psychopathy are lack of socialization and responsibility, impulsivity , sensation-seeking in some cases , and aggression. Alamy Stock Vector There is a questionnaire, the Self-Report Psychopathy Scale , which assesses psychopathic traits in the general population. Coordinated terrorist activity requires organization, loyalty and ideological fanaticism often to the extreme of sacrificing oneself for an ideological cause.

Psychopathic spectrum

On average, someone with no criminal convictions scores 5. Like so many aspects of our personality and behaviour, psychopathy is not simply a question of nature versus nurture, but a complex interplay between the two.

Psychopathic spectrum

Psychopathic spectrum

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  1. At present, however, there remains a great many people — in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and our day-to-day lives — who exhibit very high levels of psychopathic traits and wreak havoc on those around them.

  2. Psychopathy is not a pathway set in stone, a destination set at birth that cannot be altered. So where does this leave the concept of moral responsibility?

  3. However, this was only found for the behavioral Factor 2 items they identified, child problem behaviors; adult criminal behavior did not support the existence of a taxon.

  4. When we read about individuals with very high levels of psychopathic traits, we are frightened and fascinated by their behaviour: However, contrary to the equating of this to mean exclusively "in cold blood", more than a third of the homicides committed by psychopathic offenders involved some component of emotional reactivity as well.

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