Quitting pmo


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How does it win? Considering the amount of advertising and research monies invested into quitting smoking, these stats are amazing, right? So you decide to make push-ups your replacement habit, because it gives you a physical reward endorphins, dopamine , thus completing the habit loop.

Quitting pmo

Focus on victory in the present moment. Let's not skip over this point, for it is critical in treating your habit with the seriousness it deserves. Keep yourself busy in some productive and useful work.

Quitting pmo

Quitting pmo

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  1. When you feel helpless and let your mind make up excuses to jerk off this one last time. The maximum I have gone is 2 months without PMO.

  2. Worse of all, you don't even love it.

  3. I will flesh out these two options a bit more.

  4. When you feel helpless and let your mind make up excuses to jerk off this one last time. I Started but I Failed Again.

  5. You will find a lot many articles suggesting practical tips to quit PMO like peeing, doing pushups, taking cold showers etc. Think you spend a lot of time wanking now?

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