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You even have your very own Knowledge Tree which tells you which weathers are active and how much power they hold. Dr Oliver Prescott NHS Lothian Quris manages and delivers your organization's clinical resources, such as guidelines, algorithms, protocols, handbooks and much, much more, to mobile, tablet and desktop devices thereby ensuring that clinicians have the most up to date and relevant resources in their hands at all times.


I will warn that this is one of those pay to play games where you can spend real money to acquire more Qbits which aid in speeding up building times and can be used to gain meteorites with better loot and flowers. It was late and the game looked kind of cute so I figured why not? Guidelines Clinical guidelines, protocols and algorithms are easily organized and searched - linked to other guidance with alerts for updates and review.



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  1. Quality measures Hospital quality measures can be incorporated into Quris to guide and inform staff and keep KPIs visible at all times.

  2. Calculators Medical calculators and scoring tools can be integrated within your guidelines and protocols to improve compliance and patient safety. The medical app includes helpful dosage calculators for inpatient providers, antibiotic guidelines for primary care and is customizable to match local antibiotic resistance patterns.

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