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Any adult user who knowingly enters a chat with a user that has admitted to being underage will be banned from the site and legal action may be taken. RND is not liable for any delivery delays due to network operators. RND and its affiliated companies may contact you with regards to promotions.

Ratendate chat

In such a case you will no longer be allowed to use the service and we will not carry on billing you. It may seem like a great way to meet new people and make friends, but before you go all trigger happy talking to everyone, there are things to consider. Always close your browser once you have finished chatting to prevent other people gaining access to your profile on your cellphone.

Ratendate chat

Ratendate chat

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  1. RND has permission to use your profile and photograph in its advertising and promotions.

  2. In the interests of safety as well as quality of service RND reserves the right to investigate any account and user history.

  3. Yes you are signing up at your own risk in short so please be careful of the people you meet. U wont include in your profile any offensive references, or offensive language, or any confidential info of any third person, and u wont post any images containing personal info about others.

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