Red rooster swingers club


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A woman doing the same managed to initiate lots of friendly banter and pervy compliments about her pedicure. This is returned to you when you return the lock.

Red rooster swingers club

They were a bit of a spectacle and were followed by a small group of dudes wherever they went. When in Rome, ya know…most of the other patrons were in some degree of undress, anyway. That was reserved for the last room.

Red rooster swingers club

Red rooster swingers club

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  1. But when the first guy and I tried, the bouncer kicked us out — apparently you can only go upstairs with the person you CAME with!!!

  2. Chicks love chick compliments, so naturally, the gf perked up and reciprocated.

  3. At one point, one of those cuter young bachelorette women I mentioned earlier, one with whom I had caught some good eye contact during my BBBJ 'show,' ended up sitting next to me on the edge of one of the beds looking down into the center stage and I basically started soft-talking her into semi-discreetly pleasuring herself as she watched all the goings-on in the room. They provided a nearly non-stop show for almost four hours, with most everyone else in the house wandering in and out to watch on a semi-regular basis.

  4. This area was more populated. Vegas' best known, most popular, pay-at-the-door swingers club.

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